Don’t Let This One Word Destroy Your Life

D Grant Smith-The Growth Farmer
6 min readMar 18, 2021
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There’s a word you have been telling yourself, almost from birth. It might have been one of the first words you heard as a child other than your name.

Other than when your parents repeated “Mommy” and “Daddy” to you to try and get you to speak for the first time.

While this elemental nature might seem like a good thing, there is one word has the power to choke out your growth and life if you don’t take care of it now.

What is this word? NO.

Why is “No” so powerful?

No, I won’t tell you. Not yet.

No, because you haven’t done anything to deserve it.

No, it’s not going to happen.

No, you can’t have it.

No, you’re not supposed to see this.

No, it’s not meant to be.

NO ends the discussion

“No” can stop you in your tracks. It sparks conflict, creates tension, halts the flow of love, joy and promise.

No is an end, and it will end your growth and the hope for a better tomorrow if you let it.

You might not remember all the times you’ve heard the word No in your life, but I can promise you that it’s been far more numerous than the Yeses you’ve heard. Why do you think that is?

Shut the door and lock it

Our minds have doorways, hallways, entryways. Access points.

It’s where creativity gives birth to new ideas.

Which leads to actions taken to pursue a goal, grow something that you’ve been working on, or push forward with momentum.

One of the biggest obstacles to all of these things are the thoughts, attitudes, and beliefs you have about whether any of it will work or not.

Which is why NO is so dangerous to your growth, progress, and momentum. No keeps success from happening.

Because No shuts the door to all of that and locks it, keeping you away from reaching your dreams, goals and aspirations.



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